Bolt or Weld on Swivel recovery eyes includes shackle and circlips and Backplate



Swivel recovery eye complete with weld / bolt on plate and backplate

  • includes 3.25ton shackle and circlip (note: now comes with a black shackle with yellow Pin)
  • Fits Directly onto Defender rear cross member where the 4 Nato Hitch holes are

Our swivel recovery point complete with a weld or bolt on plate and internal backplate, this is our standard swivel, but the kit includes a 16mm thick plate, recessed to accept the swivel, plate measures 120mm x 80mm and has 4 pre-drilled 12mm bolt holes & similar plate with the 4 predrilled holes to put on the back for extra strength giving a smart and safe recovery point that can be easily fixed to a suitable point on your chassis or bumper, Standard bumpers will not be strong enough! if bolting on you may need to use a suitable backplate to fit inside your bumper depending on the thickness.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg