Soft Shackles


Soft Shackles in 3 sizes

Soft Shackles



These quality soft shackles are made from  Dyneema SK75  rope which is doubled to give the amazing strength, it has a protective sleeve and a tough release loop.

  • Small   5576 Kg with 75mm loop, 6.3mm (doubled) BLUE

  • Medium   9384 Kg with 125mm loop, 8mm (doubled) GREY

  • Large   12690 Kg with 150mm loop, 9mm (doubled) RED

Soft shackles are rapidly replacing conventional steel shackles they are light weight, strong, and much safer to use, they don’t damage your kit, will fit through your belt loop so they are always at hand, and if something breaks, the steel shackle will to become a deadly missile causing serious damage or injury. If you have never tried a soft shackle, nows the time to treat yourself you will not be going back to metal! And they float!

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Weight .4 kg