The Best Synthetic Winch Rope

Have you been trying to find the best synthetic winch rope available on the market? Your search is over now that you have found out about Winch-It. We have an excellent selection of synthetic cables available that you are sure to benefit from. Keep reading below or call our dedicated team on 0800 2343 996 to discuss your requirements.

Our Selection of Synthetic Winch Lines

The many great benefits of using modern synthetic winch cables are well-known in the off-road world by now. Not only are they much lighter than steel wire rope, they are also far safer for vehicle recovery.


Security is the number one benefit to swapping your steel cable for the best synthetic winch rope on the market. The synthetic options won’t store energy while under pressure and they’re very light in weight.

The Best Synthetic Winch Rope

This means that if something should go wrong and the rope ends up breaking, it will harmlessly fall to the ground. Steel wire ropes, on the other hand, will violently snap back and whiplash, potentially causing serious injuries to anyone involved in the recovery process.

Additionally, synthetic winch cables don’t have wire splinters or burrs like most steel wire ropes do, so you won’t have to worry about injuring your hands while handling the line. Up to 80% lighter, synthetic lines are definitely the way to go.


With a breaking strength that is 30% to 90% higher than steel wire rope, synthetic winch lines allow for smaller diameter cables to be used. This will increase the amount of line that can be installed on the winch, allowing for much greater flexibility.

No Kinks

If a steel wire cable kinks, its breaking strength will become compromised and the line needs to be removed from service so as not to be a safety hazard. Choose the best synthetic winch rope instead, and you won’t have to worry about kinks at all.

Ease of Use

Finally, the best synthetic winch rope is definitely far easier to handle than the best steel wire cable you can find. Rigging up vehicle extractions is much easier thanks to the lightness of a synthetic line when compared to the available alternatives.

Full Product Selection

Here at Winch-It, we pride ourselves on our excellent product range that’s constantly expanding even further. Follow the links below to browse our available items by category:

Why Buy Synthetic Winch Cables from Winch-It?

Winch-It has always been a family run business and will remain that way. We stock a large selection of recovery equipment including synthetic winch cables. Our business grew from a hobby, so our founder has an active interest in winching equipment and the latest industry developments.Synthetic Winch Lines

In the past, we have negotiated multiple special deals for products that are difficult to source. We always offer very competitive prices, quality service, fast delivery, flexible payment options, and excellent after sales support.

We also stock a good range of hard to find accessories as well as spares for older synthetic winch lines. This ensures the longevity of our products even if they are discontinued.

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